We can think of nothing better than creating fantastic, round chewy tortillas for you and your friends. Gabby's Tortillas is launching its campaign to all the Gulf Coast Restaurants.  Each handmade 14" tortilla is individually cooked and packaged by 10 in a custom labeled plastic sealed bag.  

Gabby's Tortillas is currently seeking a non profit organization to donate the tortillas and raise awareness about child neglect, hunger and abuse.

Our Tortillas

The Cause

Gabby's Tortillas will donate 2 tortillas for every pack sold to the local food banks in the Gulf Coast Area.   Packs are sold to local restaurants and ordered individually for private parties or caterers.  If you would like to order or help in our cause against child neglect, hunger and abuse please email or call us at info@gabbystortillas.com I'd love to hear from you! 


Thank you to all my friends from Wittmann, Arizona, Tyler Campbell, Underwood Printing for my sign, Margo Bush for my logo,her time and mentorship, Kimberly Kirby for being here and being a part of my staff, Zippy Print for my T-shirts out of Robertsdale, Dan Vega of Tuesdays with Dan for mentoring me and inspiring me to believe in making my own path, Rick Miller,Terry Burkle, The Cirilli Family, The Engle Family,  and first and far most my family Tony, Teddy, Julie, Brandy, Dave, Uncle Manny and Mario-Val, Don and Jan, Sue Ozuna and my number one Mom.

Love you all, Gabby!


A Big Thanks!